What is this Convention all about?

What exactly is diceless role-playing, you may be asking about now. In a nutshell, we play games that take place entirely in our imaginations. The games are social in nature and involve conversation only; there is no physical “acting out” of your in-game actions. We do not require costumes, props (such as swords, shields), game boards, dice, etc. It boils down to a group of people gathering in a room with snacks and beverages to enjoy each other’s company telling stories and tall tales from one Game Slot to another.

How Does This Work?

How does this work?

Thank you for spreading the word about Amber Central.

1) You buy a membership for one, two, three or four days.

The one-day and two-day registration allows you to play in games on the day (or days) you pick. The three-day registration allows you to play in games Friday evening through Sunday. The four-day registration allows you to play in games Thursday evening through Sunday. Each day of registration comes with $30 worth of food certificates which can be spent at the hotel restaurant/room service.

2) GMs submit games until we have enough for the game book.

3) We assemble the games into the game book and publish it.

4) We notify you when the game book is available.

5) For each slot, you pick the games you'd like to play in.

After you've registered, we'll notify you when the games for the Con are available on our website, and you get to pick those you'd most like to play in each slot. You do not have to pay a per game fee - your registration lets you play in as many slots as you'd like on the day or days covered by your registration type. Once the game book is available, we ask you to send us your list of possible games (we advise picking more than one in each slot, in case your first choice is full). 

6) We assign you to games, based on your picks.

After the game selection deadline is past, we will assign your games. Once we have everyone scheduled, we send you the list of your games, and we send the GMs the lists of their players, so any prep for the game can be done before the con, giving everyone more playing time.

7) We email you your list of games, and your GMs lists of their players.

Game Masters

We need games, we always need more games. If you are a Game Master, please consider running one or more games at Amber Central. The players at Amber Central are, generally speaking, experienced diceless role players who are looking to have fun with others in games.  They, and we, are always looking for new games, new game masters, new ideas, new approaches.  So, if you GM, give it a try, run a game.  Please submit a game via our online game submission form.